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30 January 2019: BGS Australia Alumni Chapter Chartering Event

A new year, a new BGS Alumni Chapter.


We celebrated the official launch of the Beta Gamma Sigma Australia Alumni Chapter. Christina Carosella, the CEO of Beta Gamma Sigma, joined us from the United States to welcome our Australian members and share the achievements of our Networking Group.


The Chartering Ceremony was the final step in our petition to Beta Gamma Sigma Global Headquarters to become an official Alumni Chapter.


Beta Gamma Sigma's Australia Alumni Network provides unique opportunities for local student and alumni members to benefit from and contribute to the Global BGS network, through programs and platforms that foster active Lifelong Professional Connections and Continuous Education.


The purposes of the Beta Gamma Sigma Alumni Chapter are to provide opportunities for building connections among BGS members through educational events, social opportunities and service to the local community; to expand BGS presence and motivate members to remain active following graduation; and to enhance BGS membership and provide lifetime value.

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