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Scholarship Program

The Australia Alumni Chapter and Beta Gamma Sigma Global Headquarters have partnered to award one BGS member with a $1000 scholarship, to be used for their continuing education.

2023 Scholarship Applications

To apply for the BGS Australia Alumni Scholarship, you must complete the scholarship application form and upload the 1-minute video through this link.

Personal Essay

Within the application form you are required to submit a personal essay, answering the following questions:

Why should you be selected for a Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) Alumni Chapter Scholarship?                      How has membership to BGS positively impacted your academic or career life?

Briefly describe how this scholarship fund would benefit you and your ongoing academic pursuits?

Name any additional activities and honors that you have received or been a part of?

BGS emphasizes giving back to our communities. What are some ways that you have given back to your community? How have you incorporated giving back into your activities?

1-minute Video

You are required to submit an original video, used only for the purposes of this scholarship, that includes a brief introduction of yourself and responds to the question, “How would receiving the BGS Alumni Scholarship assist me in my future academic endeavours?”.

Application guidelines

The following guidelines apply to the application:

Only one application per person is permitted.

Applications must be applicants' own original work.

Applicants must complete both the application form and upload a 1-minute video.

All applications must be in English.

The personal essay is limited to 500 words. Applications exceeding the 500-word limit will be disqualified.

The details of the scholarship recipient will be published on the BGS Australia Alumni Chapter website.

The winners will be selected by 3-5 members of the BGS Australian Alumni Chapter Executive Committee, making up the selection committee.

The selection committee reserves the right not to award a scholarship should it deem that applications do not meet the required criteria.  All decisions of the selection committee shall be considered final.

Applications for the scholarship close 6pm, Friday 28 April 2023.

For any questions regarding the scholarship, please contact Lin Guo at

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